William Black

William Black worked either as, or for an architect in a London office just after the Second World War to the early 1950s.
He inherited some money from a member of his family and decided to retire early to pursue his interest in art and moved to the Newlyn area of Cornwall in the early fifties. He was self taught, not unusual, as Ben Nicholson one Britain’s finest artists was also self taught I believe.
He met some of the notable artists working there at the time, presumably; Nicholson, Hepworth, Lanyon and Gabo who must have been influential and was I’m told an acquaintance of John Tunnard. Like Tunnard he remained outside of the artists’ groups and art scene there at the time.
I think he was a talented outsider who may have been overlooked.

Watercolour & Gouche
Figure in Landscape
Paper Size 120mm x 200mm £80.00
Fishing Boats
Paper Size 200mm x 145mm £80.00
Moored Boats and Moon
Paper Size 205mm x 275mm £100.00
Red Boats and Harbour
Paper Size 200mm x 265mm £100.00
Boat and Full Moon
Paper Size 1050mm x 220mm £80.00