Philip Meyer (1923 – 2014)

Philip Meyer, born in New York City and brought up in Brooklyn, lived in London from 1964.

Philip trained at New York’s renowned Cooper Union College of Art, the New School for Social Research, and Columbia University – all in Manhattan.

After several years as a highly successful graphic designer in leading New York advertising agencies, he came speculatively to London – and stayed, building up a specialist art studio, serving most of the capital’s leading agencies.

Throughout, however, he kept on painting – not with a view to exhibiting or selling, but for his own pleasure and satisfaction. Not until 1988 was he persuaded to put on his first one-man show in Highgate, London, and subsequently was asked to exhibit in various art shows around the country, not least in Suffolk, his favourite place of escape from the city. In 2004 and 2008 he had one-man shows in Chillesford and in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

His work is unusual in that he isn’t one for thematic obsessions; rather, he is constantly seeking something new. If any obsession exists, it is with experiment and exploration – where the excitement lies in what might develop next, and what one discovers in ‘controlled accidents’. Not that anyone hears him explaining what he does or why, preferring to let the art speak for itself.

Evidently it speaks well for large numbers of admirers, for his work is in many collections, not only in the UK and USA, but also in the West Indies, France, Greece and Spain.

Mixed Media (Private Collection)

Free at Last
Image Size 900mm x 900mm
Untitled 25
Image Size 410mm x 410mm
Untitled 27
Image Size 410mm x 410mm
Untitled 29
Image Size 410mm x 410mm
Picture Gallery
Image Size 1120mm x 960mm
Private Collection

A3 Linocuts in Portrait & Landscape Format
£80.00 each per linocut
The Full Set of 16 A3 linocuts can be purchased for £960.00

Broken Jug, Greece 15/21; Window in Greece 15/20;
Church in Greece 12/16; Shelagh 1 4/21;
Greek Fragments 7/15; Meditation 9/19; Clown 8/13
Native American 7/9; Singing the Blues 12/19
Nude 1 7/26; Nude & Flower 5/16
Nude & Red Flower 7/10; Warehouse 8/22
Sunrise 8/15; Pot Plant by Window 5/18

A4 Linocuts in Portrait & Landscape Format
£60.00 each per linocut
The Full Set of 19 A4 linocuts can be purchased for £855.00

Sand Shadows in Woodbridge 16/21; In Lavenham 11/17;
Greek Staircase 4/20; Night Mare 4/18; Peace 7/19;
Cockerel 5/13; Isaac 19/19; Portrait de Jean 6/11;
African Boy 5/10; Henri 9/12; Portrait 2/4;
Just a’Thought 11/20; Pablo 8/19; Nude 2 3/10;
Nude 3 4/13; The Race 12/16; Abstract 3/15
Shelagh 7/15; Hear The Sea 9/14